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Olyvia is the fire goddess of the Loving Desert. She is known as a healer of man and a seeker of knowledge though when crossed she brings forth 'a mighty storm of carnage from which none shall emerge unscathed.'
Damn, did you see what happened to Mr. Shields when Olyvia unleashed her wrath upon him... all that was left was a quivering pool of jelly with a bad tie!
by hairless simian October 08, 2008
A girl who is nice, funny, smart, and sweet. She's also a big attitude in a small package deal. She may flirt notoriously and is a bit lazy, but tries to please anyone and everyone she meets. A ray of sunshine. She's hard to resist and falls in love way to easy. Keeps secrets well, as well as having a great attitude towards life. Fun to be around, bubbly, and very loud and obnoxious. Creative.
Olyvia was so loud at lunch today!

I could hear Olyvia from across the room.

She sure does act like an Olyvia.. Always has a positive attitude towards everything(:
by AwesomePossum1234512 March 30, 2011
A sweet girl who does nothing but make the person she is with happy,despite all of the negative things that people say about her she still keeps her head up. Olyvia is a very strong person who can persevere through anything.
by Brian_Gilligan April 07, 2013
Olyvia means a beautiful person inside and out. An amazing friend she keeps her friends forever and loves them. the most beautifulest person you could ever meet, smart,nice, caring, loving and compassionate person but can sometimes have and attitude and you dont want to get on the bad side of her. the word/name Olyvia is used as a word like beautiful.
- do you see that girl over there?

* yer shes an Olyvia
by Justin hunter May 29, 2013
The best friend you could ever had. She is funny, amazing, smart, and loves to read. She reminds you of a queen. She loves singing, acting, and horses. Usually her favorite color is yellow and she makes you smile. She's crazy and can sometimes be very loud. She is normal very small but can do anything she sets her mind to.
Olyvia is perfect, I love having her as a best friend.
by KRAKRA203 May 27, 2014
a bitch who is extremely small and loud.
That chick is way more of an olyvia than her.
by Alexia Wellers August 23, 2008
To be a total whore, slut, bitch, cock sucking, flirttacious, UGLY, annoying, manly, (ginger who has no soul) , abnoxious, stupid dumb bitch, who would totally get her ass kicked by every guy if she wasnt a girl... also likes being in water.she also flirts with sports faggots on a daily basis... she thinks she got game but really doesnt !!! loll basicly a strait up bitch!!!!
1: "I saw this girl and she turned around, it was Olyvia...I ran!"

2: Just the name Olyvia makes me want to eat an Apache Handbag.
by Obama saggot October 15, 2010

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