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The alternative for the name "Oliver," mostly used for the male sex. Both are able to be "utilized" as neither one is different from the other. Olyver is exactly the same as Oliver, and which ever person has this name has the ability to choose the one he wants. Olyver is also used as a noun to describe an intelligent, handsome, of Hispanic/French/Germman culture. Also, Olyvers tend to win. So David can go suck big,black, hairy, tranny balls while Olyver can relax with no worries about changing his name. EVER!
Olyver is an AWESOME way to spell the name Oliver.

Girl: Hey Oliver!
Olyver:Its Olyver ou insignifigant little slut
Girl: Oh. I am sorry master Olyver
Olyver: You are not worthy of my presence, You must vanish from my site immediantly.
Girl: Yes sire
Boy: woah that guys an Olyver
by Olyver July 21, 2008
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