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A community high school in Boca Raton, FL
Known for middle to high class students who all wear Hollister, Abercrombie, Aeropastle or their scene kids who wear Hot Topic, American Apparel, H&M etc.
Some are fond of local bands such as the Punktuations, some are just no music taste zombie followers who think they are obsessed with Lil Wayne.

Filled with white / hispanic kids that say the N word constantly in the hallways and in class and never have and never will be beaten up because all the black people who go there are too intelligent to hit them because they know there will be a lawsuit filed because all the people there are greedy, rich, or both. OR the black people are to pussy to do anything about it because they want to fit in with the white people.

Overall, a fucking lame ass school filled with literally about 50 individuals out of the much more than 1,000 students.

Overflowing with kids in Ed Hardy shirts, shoes, etc. that no one cares about or is impressed by. As well as kids in dunks who claim to be sneakerheads and have collected shoes starting in 2008 that their parents buy for them any time they want from the local FootLocker, CHAMPS, etc. in Town Center, Wellington, Sawgrass mall.

Popular for sucking at football and losing most games every season but always having the most fans in the stands and the most riled up crowds. This school has more school spirit than any school in America.
This school has a lot of not so unexpected potheads. A lot of people that pretend to be sexually active and a lot of "try-to-be" sluts.

Also known for an amazing cheerleading team as well as hip hop dance team.
Popular for a student who people claim looks like R&B/Pop Singer Chris Brown, whos name is also Chris. Every FAKE black guy at Olympic Heights is attracted to white girls and there are 0 that can get any of them..especially any good looking ones.

Known for having hot black girls, hot hispanic girls, hot white girls, and funny black dudes. Also known for very closet-racist white boys who try to act black but hate/are afraid of black males.

Beautiful school on the outside, extremely clean inside. Contains kids who get amazingly high test scores and great grades. Very school concious students. They care a lot about their grades.
AVERAGE HIGH SCHOOL. Minus the one has good clothes except like those same 50 people.
Joe Whitman - WTF you look so Olympic Heights High School in that ugly ass ed hardy shirt, nigga get some style, son.

Jimmy Imawhiteboy - nigga this shit is where it's at.

Sebastian Ramirez - man these niggas (white people) is crazy up hurr

Tyrone Jenkins - ...*thinking* i should do/say something about this but i'd rather fit in*
*speaking* yea nigga i know this shit is raw
by OHSTUDENT2009 February 01, 2009
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A school where white kids from boca raton that thinks they're black. Along with kids from Boynton Beach. Filled with special ed kids that will harass you in school. Not to mention kids that comes from odyssey middle school, eagles landing middle school and some from omni but they're rare. A poor school that runs out of paper towels in the bathroom. Kids driving to school in their own beat up corolla. Filled with faggets that's in the anime club along witb dungeons and dragons club, that you'll walk away from if they approach you; unless you're one of those faggets than you'll be best friends with them. Filled with kids that you want to beat them up and they'll talk shit but once you threaten to fight them or if you actually do they'll be pussies and won't get near you or be in your proximity. Also this school is filled with 75% ugly kids while the rest are average or decent looking. Not to mention that most of the good looking kids goes to either spanish river or west boca. This school is also known as olympic jail,where dress code rules are stupid and strict. Along with a shitty football team, basketball team, tennis team.... pretty much every team except wrestling.
Ryan: Chris I'm going to Olympic heights Highschool.
Chris: Ew, didn't you know that school is filled with rejects from Boca.
Ryan: Oh yeah nevermind, I'm going to river.
by OH CLASS OF 2015 April 12, 2015
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