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A small community "college" located in Kitsap County in Northwest Washington. Also known as the University of Bremerton, this school is known for central kitsap whores/dropouts, and bremerton/olympic high school graduates. The students that attend often say that they will transfer to a larger university after a year, but in all cases resort to drug abuse and alcoholism to numb the pain of rejection and lack of a future.
Person 1 : "Hey where are you going to college?"
Person 2 : "OC"
Person 1 : "Oh sweet, Orange County in California? Thats cool"
Person 2 : "Uhh no.. Olympic College in Bremerton"
Person 1 : "I'm sorry for your loss" *hands him 5 dollars while walking away in a slow manner and later goes to unplanned parenthood to check for any stds he may have caught.
by OC Graduate June 30, 2010
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