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The Olympian is when a female has a penis in each orifice (anus, mouth, vagnia) and one in each hand while being on her knees. This represents the 5 circles of the olympics, thus making it the olympian.
May only be seen in porn or college!

Hey man, let's pull the olympian on that midget over there!
by NmE69 October 21, 2010
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A mentally retarded person; technically the nice thing to say when working with Special Olympics participants instead or retard. But it's funny as hell to call those people Olympians.
Aww, how cute! The Olympian drooled all over the coach who was changing his diaper!
by cocksauce August 03, 2005
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The Olympian is achieved when intercourse between a male and female is in progress with the female on top. As the male reaches climax, the female vomits directly into the males mouth. Carpe Diem
"Olympians are fucking tight"
by Gold medalist January 06, 2009
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