they used to be kind of annoying, now they are just really annoying. they don't do ANYTHING good in the entertainment industry. nothing.. and they are on the cover of all these magizenes. wooo they were in full house. yeah that show ended like 7 years ago. now all they make is vhs tapes.. not even movies because THEY ARENT IN THEATERS BUT ADVERTISED ALL OVER NICKELODEON. they have gay ass barbie dolls and video games that no one plays except for the autistic girl down the street. ill give them this.. they are pretty. but goddd i dont understand, they can't act, they can't sing. oh woops u dont even need to be able to do shit just to make it big today. u just have to have ur mom try to get u on tv since u were an infant.
watch full house if u wanna see them at their best.. which is actually pretty sad.
by deenie June 16, 2004
2)No talent-no acting skills whatsoever.
3)Have done no work to deserve the level of success they have-they made "full house" just because they didn't CRY when they held them up, then they plaed the baby, who only had like 2 lines per episode.
3) Had 500 other people guide theuir"careers". Dualstar was founded and run by other people, but mary-kate and ashley are in the movies, so it's successful.
4)same with their clothing line. It was founded and is run by someone else. Once in a while they PICK OUT CLOTHING. THAT'S IT.
5)Always makes the same kind of movies with the same plot because they can't act.
6)People like them and they are successful only because of their "good-girl twin" image.
The Olsen Twins became billionaires for being twins.
by dfsdfsd May 04, 2005
olsen twins

The next million dollar porn company, because porn does not require acting skils, the ability to sing, or talent. Porn only requires good looks, (which, overrated or not- they have 'em) the ability to have sex, (oh, thats the desire to have the attention of the world on you (if it's been all good press before- maybe their looking to prove they can be bad girls now), jealousy in large groups, and a bankroll Donald Trump probably envies.
Do I really need an example people?
by Raspberry :P July 02, 2004
The very definition of hotness gone terribly wrong.

What should have been two great looking twins turned into a duo of snaggle tooth trolls that appear to have crawled out of a hobo's ass (and in the process stole his clothing).

Synonymous with poor fashion taste and eating disorders.
Kid: Mom, is that what a bag lady looks like?

Mom: No sweetie pie, thats one of the Olsen Twins.

Kid: Can we throw pennies at her?

by EZ E December 08, 2007
When one baby on Full House multiplies into two and then sprouts tits overnight.
Oh yeah! That kind of reminds me of that Olsen-twins phenominon!
by RobYn with a "Y" June 17, 2004
Two extremely anorexic, untalented hollywood (oh wait, they only made one movie that came out in theaters, which, by the way, sucked) showoffs...i don't know which is worse, Paris Hilton, or the Olsen twins. Their clothes suck as well...too ornate...who are they? What did they actually do (beside full house and a bunch of crappy movies)
Person 1: "Yuck! You're starting to look and act like Paris Hilton!"
Person 2: "Hmm...Someone once commented that I was starting to look and act like the Olsen Twins."
Person 1: "Well, yeah. Same thing. The Olsen twins are the Paris Hiltons of tomorrow."
by Pooja Patel June 17, 2004
girls who are really flat
" damn that girl is an olsen twin... damn she dont even got a J Lo. "
by de June 19, 2004
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