they used to be kind of annoying, now they are just really annoying. they don't do ANYTHING good in the entertainment industry. nothing.. and they are on the cover of all these magizenes. wooo they were in full house. yeah that show ended like 7 years ago. now all they make is vhs tapes.. not even movies because THEY ARENT IN THEATERS BUT ADVERTISED ALL OVER NICKELODEON. they have gay ass barbie dolls and video games that no one plays except for the autistic girl down the street. ill give them this.. they are pretty. but goddd i dont understand, they can't act, they can't sing. oh woops u dont even need to be able to do shit just to make it big today. u just have to have ur mom try to get u on tv since u were an infant.
watch full house if u wanna see them at their best.. which is actually pretty sad.
by deenie June 16, 2004
a kiddie fiddlers best dream come true. Noted for turning our 8 year old girls into guttersluts
full house the most suckiest of suck ever made pre-reality TV
by Brother Number One July 08, 2004
The *ahem* twin male nether parts.
"Daaaamn, b. I just got smacked square in the Olsen Twins"
"He'd better not, or I'll give him a kick to his Olsen twins"
by Blatantperve January 20, 2005
Skany no talent girls that got famous because they're pretty. Or because who ever hired them was on crack.

They dress really though.
Mary-Kate is so hated that people actaully believe that shes slitting her wrists, anorexic, and a coke addcit all at once.
by Elisabeth Sherman November 24, 2004
Bulimarexia snobs with tons of money who wear fur and drink lattes.

Might be working for the Taliban.

Where do your taxes go? (To them.)

Molded into Chanel-wearing, pedophile-banging nightmares since birth.
by ChewbaccasBitch January 04, 2010
To refer to your testicles when they are pasty white, cute, and full of useless seamen.
Me: how's it going James?
James: oh not bad. It happened again though.
Me: You slam the cabinet door on the Olsentwins again?
James:...yeah... only Ashley survived
Me: She was more my type anyways.
by Burritobaby April 02, 2015
Mary-Kate and Ashley. Every teenage boy's wet dream. Richest young people in America.
Damn, I wanna bone the Olsen Twins right now.
by JP June 27, 2004
just fit
look at those olsen twins va va voom
by Daisy June 19, 2004

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