The most amazing person in the world ! Is extremely beautiful , sings like a angel and inspires millions. She was also in Grease the best musical ever !
Olivia Newton-John= Best singer ever
by onjfan13 January 05, 2011
Top Definition
Gorgeous Australian singer with the best voice to ever grace the planet. Star of the musical "Grease".
Xanadu, Grease, Xanadude, Physical, Magic
by Jake February 02, 2005
The gourgeous granddaughter of physicist Max Born. Also one of the best singers ever. Star of "Grease."
Singers who die young forever remain fresh and vibrant. Too bad Olivia Newton -John wasn't killed in some horrible accident 30 years ago...
by iodmys August 13, 2005
to do something very quickly
Chug your water! Olivia Newton John that bitch!
by Evy4 April 11, 2011
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