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By far the best city in the state of Mississippi. Conveniently located just miles from the heart of Memphis, but far enough away to avoid being hit by stray bullets. This charming city has history all the way back to when the land was "bought" by Mayor Wesson from the Native Americans. His home in the historic "Old Towne" district is a symbol of pride for many Olive Branchians. The west portion of Olive Branch is populated by fast-paced urban city dweller people, while citizens that live in the east usually tend to enjoy the simpler things in life. Also more black people live in the east.
Dude: Have you ever been to Olive Branch?
Other Dude: No, but I heard it's a magical place.
Dude: That it is, bro.
by tvrnhntr January 12, 2011
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The olive branch is a branch of an olive tree.

In Western culture, it symbolizes peace or goodwill.

The original link between olive branches and peace is unknown. Some explanations center on that olive trees take a very long time to bear fruit. Thus the cultivation of olives is something that is generally impossible in time of war.

The term “to extend an olive branch” means an offer of peace or reconciliation.
by kwatttt April 01, 2011
The worst city in Mississippi to step foot into. It's Hell. Full of whores and weeaboos and occasionally hipsters, goths, and emos. 90% of the people here arent virgins. 99% enjoy committing crimes and just being.. stupid. 50% are diehard athiests who hate christians. 49% claim to be christians, but often have sex on weekends. Don't come here.
im going to olive branch
dont come back, you'll be stupified.
by merrieaadfa December 06, 2010

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