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A great town full of great people. Sure there are a lot of pillbillys but the majority of the people here are great. They have a great school system (well, far better than their eastern counter-part). The schools here are Olive Hill Elementary, West Carter Middle, and West Carter High. We are in the western part of carter county, hence the name West Carter, and are superior in all aspects to East Carter (Grayson). We have survived two floods in the within 2 months of eachother and are still going strong. Even though Olive Hill is kind of poor, its a great place to live.
Person1: Look how cool that person is!
Person2: Yea! He must be from Olive Hill!
by WestCarterComet July 21, 2011
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A hick town.

Many low life sluts live here or go to school here.
Consists of mostly hobos, whores, skanks, sluts, man whores, etc...
Not many people here have a lot of money.
Person 1: Look at him, he's poor.
Person 2: he must be from olive hill.
by Supergirlllllll. June 23, 2009
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