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The name 'Olena' is usually associated with a girl who is beautiful, strong, compassionate, and incredibly intellectual. She's a very loyal friend, one who will answer your SOS no matter the hour or emergency.

Her quick wit and knowledge of the best things on the internet never ceases to amaze. She's also rather feisty, so you're really screwed when she's angry at you.
She will never judge you even when you've done something stupid. The best part is she can listen and console better than any licensed professional.

All in all, Olena is a girl who deserves a guy who will treat her right and will love her wholeheartedly. She's the kind of friend that make tv shows jealous.
Olena is my best friend.
by Wiweka's Scion July 03, 2011
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the most beautiful girl in the history of the univers. known for breaking guys hearts and not telling them
Olena will soon be dating Ryan...fukmonkiez
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Someone who is socially awkward and does nonsensical things at random times.

Any one who's self-centered, an only talks about themselfes the whole day.
example 1

olena: I want to go to college but i dont want to fail the sat's
Sarah: then study
olena: i will nevr understand the materiel.
sarah: you will
olena: i wont (this goes on for an hour)
sarah: piss off already

Example 2
Eric: who is that wierd girl sitting in front row of the math class, reading a science textbook under the table?
Sarah: thats olena. stay away from her, shes weird.

exampel 3

brianna is crying
olena: hypothetecally the world will balance itself out, so go on with the future. ur life will be ok
brianna: ... okey thenn .... (too confused to cry any more)
by queensass July 15, 2011
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