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adj. A term used to express one's urgent need to sit or rest.
Tired from four straight hours of dancing and the use of ecstacy, Dan needed an oleh tehseat.

Sally: Are you alright, boo? We haven't been at the mall long.

Joan: My ankles are killing me! Oleh tehseat ASAP
by Oil of Olay Foundation July 04, 2004
1 Word related to Oleh Tehseat
A notorious Starwars Galaxies Rifleman with an extensive background in the deadly art of Combat Medicine, Oleh Tehseat is one of the most dangerous foes in the galaxy.

When facing Oleh Tehseat, professional knowledge of poison/disease curing is recommended as well as sturdy helmet with a strong defense against rifle headshots.
"how did you poison me? i was 300 metres away?!"
by maz July 02, 2004

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