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The condition elderly people suffer in the presence of younger people. Symptoms include but are not limited to refusal to lose to a younger person, refusal of being wrong, refusal of being at fault, and the urge to use age as justification for their actions, decisions, and opinions.
That old person didn't like reading this definition. His/her "Old man syndrome" kicked in, and he started complaining that it wasn't in proper definition form.

Younger person: You mean according to Webster?
Old person: Yeah
Younger person: Well, this is Urban Dictionary!!! Its meant for fun if nothing else.
Old person: I got 20 years on you! You dont know what fun is!
by pseudonymis maximus November 02, 2010
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1. The feeling of being an old man when you really aren't. To feel very very old compared to your actual age.

2. To have bodily pains which aren't that bad but make you feel old.
3. To feel old compared to the people in your life.

4. Staying inside and not going out, while regaling of your youthful days.

5. To look like an old man and/or feel like an old man.
1. After finding out he was seven years older than everyone else at his work, John had a severe case of old man syndrome.
2. After a summer of being a hermit, Jane had a serious case of old man syndrome.
by yumyumgopop September 23, 2010
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