Poor. Of Cheap Quality.
Leah: "Lauren, your stupid, old navy shoes are leaving beads all over the floor. I thought it was a blueberry but then I realized it was just your cheap ass shoes falling apart."
Lauren: "don't make fun of me b/c i'm poor."
#cheap ass #poor #broken #knock off #prada
by macarroonie September 19, 2008
The clothing brand that defines people, from white trash.
That guy over there has a mullet, and an old navy t-shirt.
by Justin Berns October 20, 2003
relatively cheap, but not stylish clothing. i prefer them over paying a lot of money for preppy clothing. it also works as an ok substitute if you look hard enough for something that doesnt say old navy on it. But nonetheless, most peope that wear it are pretty white trash. but hey, i'de rather wear unlabeled old navy than aeropostal
one step above wal mart, but 5 down of AE
by Why cant we be friends April 23, 2005
a wonderful clothing company that makes a life worth living..
when a person wears old navy products i just plain want to wipe an ass on them and head fuck there evil clown mentality to hell
by flynigger February 07, 2004
A cheap knockoff of abercromie and fitch in which the store puts deers on their clothing to make it look more preppy and to copy the moose.
amanda- hey!! like my new shirt!!
todd- yea did u get that from a&f , i see it has a moose on it
amanda- no, its a deer and i got it at old navy for cheap!!
#a&f #ae #hco #aero #preppy #cheap
by julierose August 03, 2006
A really bad clothing store for men, women and child. They specialize in nothing but corny glittery tees that have pictures of dogs or cats on them or try to mimick more popular stores like abercrombie, hollister, and aeropostale. All other clothing sucks, and once you buy it you will only wear it once and never wear it again.
Amanda: Isn't the dog on my shirt so cute!?
Kaitlyn: No! You look like a seven year old! And you should REALLY stop shopping at Old Navy.
by prep February 21, 2005
a stupid ass clothing line and a cheap store- old navys clothes are ugly and gay as hell , they think they are preppy , they are in no way original or cool
Losers and gay preppys wear old navy
by bingy February 23, 2005
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