Named after the famous geyser in Yellowstone National Park, this is a schlong that spontaneously erupts and unleashes a cum geyser right into your girl's face when you pull your dick out of her mouth.
...And boy, was SHE surprised when she got sprayed in the face by Old Faithful!
by Mansnake February 11, 2005
The action that occurs when a male receives a blow job, then just before reaching orgasm the subject performing the blow job punches the recipient in the stomach, causing violent eruption of bodily fluids and substances from all orifices simultaneously.
The night was off to a good start up until Sally initiated Old Faithful, causing the night to come to a screeching halt.
by sparkyshark December 12, 2005
After taking the girl's nose ring out, finish in her mouth after receiving oral, then tickle the young lady creating a geyser-like eruption out of the side of her nose, similar to Old Faithful.
Redface observed the magical beauty of the impressive spray that came out of Kelly's nose when he gave her an Old Faithful.
by Red Face November 08, 2007
right before your about to nut put it in her mouth blow it in pull it out and punch her in the stomach to make her spu the semen into the air closely ressembling Old Faithful.
man i gave that bitch a mad old faithful, i had to throw up an umbrella
by Rubsky March 24, 2006

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