the official residence of dime bags, sluts, jerkoff teachers, sluts, tom ferry, fake ass niggas, annoying black girls, sleeping in class, gpa (Good Pussy for All), rutgers university rejects, middlesex community college grads-to-be, check that.....middlesex community college dropouts-to-be, slores, boxing matches in the halls, grimey ass lockrerooms where you get your shit stolen, tig ol bitties, std's, vodka fountains, riots, id tags, authority figures who have no authority, and rosners fine pussy
slut: you think i care about life?
wangsta: no...thats why you go to old bridge high
slut: lets fuck
by i want to fuck daria April 12, 2005
the melting pot of asians, spanish, blacks, japs, & whites. probably 1/2 of the graduating class has either experienced an overdose of some kind of narcotic or is currently attending peer groups & rehabs. cameras on every corner of the school & security guards.

std scares happen at least twice a year & rumor says we have reincarnated syphilis, even though it's been dead for ages.. ?

like 70% of the school is already an alcoholic and the other 30 must be fuckin bored on the weekends.

nothing to do but smoke pot, drink booze, & get arrested if the cops gave 2 fucks.
my name is _____ i am a graduate from old bridge high school & i'm an alcoholic.
by obkids_hayyyy July 11, 2009
a place full of shit talking..backstabbing..dirty people who can't keep their mouths shut and their legs closed
everyone in our school
by a fellow sophmore March 26, 2005
A place filled with 50% of kids who care more about looks, popularity, drinking, smoking, fucking then anything else. The other 50% of the kids you'll never even hear of because all they do is study. Potheads are at a high of 1 out of every 3 people. Fights, especially girl fights, occur every month. 90% of the population is fake. Everyone wants to know eachothers business. Girls whose names start with "P" get beat up 3 times a month if ya catch my drift... Girls are easy, guys are scumbags. Its hard to find a decent significant other. Pretty girls run the school while black girls scare the crap outta them with their ghettoness. Seaside and Wildwood is where all the whores come out. Girls are gorgeous, guys are gross. No one ever likes the freshman. Cheerleaders are always the hottest sports team. demagogues are everywhere. You either are going somewhere in your life or your not.
Old Bridge High School, OBHS, Old Bridge, Ghettoness, popularity, scumbags, potheads, fights, demagogues
by keep it 100 always July 03, 2011
place where people should shut the fuck up about because we r amazing nd only some of us our complete dumbasses and all of the authority figures are completely stupid. Home of the hottest girls youll ever meet.
a place where i go to school nd sometimes hate it but will always love my OBHS. OBHS PRIDE!!!!!
by Cardinal Margi March 24, 2005
The school were bullshit flies and truth dies. Kids in this school are either bragging about how much weed they smoke everyday or how they've fucked so many guys/girls at once. The definition "Scumbags" most certainly fit the People here the students and the staff. you can walk outside and find a bunch of kids smoking right in front of the fuckin school, dirty panties in the hallways. Even when you go on break the influence of the fucking school follows you unless you leave the country. there is no shortage of Fake kids who try to act like they are big shit. approx 87% of the female population are sluts, bitches, or just flat out dumbshits. This is a horrible place...few people here are decent fucking human beings, people do some of the most stupidest shit to get attention like getting a shitload of tattoos or pierce every part of their fuckin body. those who are actually decent tend to stick to themselves and a close knit group of friends.....trying to explain decency to the majority of the population is like trying to teach a tree english. it is not a place were we all "get along" at the end of the day, when you walk into the school its the same feeling as if you are a jew walking into Auschwitz.
OBHS kid: yo check me out bro im gunna smoke so much fucking weed this weekend and post it on facebook so i can look all legit.

Other kid: dude doesnt Old Bridge High School have Finals on monday? shouldnt you be studying.

OBHS kid: fuck that shit.. ill get high in the morning so when i take the test il know all that shit immediately.

Other kid: dude your fucking stupid dont you want to goto college

OBHS kid: nahhh ill just hit up Brookdale community college like all my other friends ....
by ThatKid1250 November 10, 2011
a school just like any other except filled to the brim with pathetic, worthlessm, dumbasses who make the place a shithole
see: other definitions
by Big Poppa Pump March 05, 2005

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