bonidacci clothes; obsolete.
"your lebron shoes are old".
by DeLAnte July 12, 2006
Is netspeak for On Line Dating. Usually spelled in all caps.
Someone sends you an e-mail and asks if you're into OLD, and if so, where your profile can be found.
by Streamwalker August 19, 2004
a word that can be used to replace any other word.
-what the olds?
-thats an olds watch!
-have you met olds?
by k-spin66 May 19, 2007
having large saggy wrinkly multicolored ears. sometimes they're so gnarly if you squint real hard it looks like and old dude's face
you're too old to be breastfed
by pineapple bacon April 23, 2005
A reverse reference to something that is so new that it is barely known. In wanting to categorize something that is at the beginning of its life cycle we choose the opposite of what it actually is, in order to convey maximum effect.
I just got a new USB drive that has an on board CPU to run applications from the drive.

Wow, that's old!!
by Michael Lefebvre January 19, 2004
Very young. Most often used to describe females who have not reached legal status.
She's too old for you, man, fifteen'll get you five.
by Col. Dr. April 23, 2006
A certain man named "tele."
He sure is looking tele these days.
by ->!RAQDAWG!<- May 03, 2005

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