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Day-old Chinese food, eaten first thing in the morning. The time of day matters less than the age of the food; the older, the better.

From the Rufus Wainwright song, Old Whore's Diet, on the "Want Two" album, 2005 - "This song was from my rather decadent period. I'd been up for days and found myself eating some rather old Chinese food from a hotel refrigerator. I thought to myself that this is the ultimate old whore's diet." --R. Wainwright, explaining Old Whore's Diet
"An old whore's diet/gets me goin' in the morning/ain't nothin' like it/gets me goin' in the morning.
"To say I love you/gets me goin' where I want to."
--Rufus Wainwright & Antony Hegarty, Old Whore's Diet
by Sacralita April 24, 2005

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