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It’s the woman who is just trying too hard. She’s seen way too much sun in her life. Her skin is like an old piece of luggage. Her hair is over-processed, usually way too blonde. The hair is almost always a bit big. Her nails are usually long and acrylic, sporting the Carmela Soprano french mani. Her clothes are just a tad too snug. She has her boobs on display, with a wrinkled, freckly chest exposed. There are rhinestones. Perhaps an ankle bracelet. Occasionally said anklet may be seen over/under suntan colored panty hose. You can tell she’s been around the block, so to speak. She’s lived hard. Lots of booze. She’s a bit puffy in the face. She’s got her cocktail and she’s laughing a bit too loud.
"I need to put some more SPF 50 on...don't want to look like an Old Whore."

"Wow, she used to be so she just looks like an Old Whore."

"Yikes, who's the Old Whore sporting those Daisy Dukes? So inappropriate."

"Mom's Bunko group is going on a cruise. It's gonna be Old Whore City."
by kellybex July 15, 2009
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