Term used to describe women of an attractive appearance aged over 50. Not to be confused with 'Vintage Bintage' where the cited lady can only be over 35 but below 50.

Old Golds should not be mistaken for 'Old Fools Gold' the term used to describe stealth Oldage Trollage. The discovery of genuine Old Gold is exceptionally rare other than amongst the rich and famous.
Tina Turner - the undisputed queen of Old Gold. She's pushing seventy but the old girl would certainly get it.

Dolly Parton - We can forgive her the surgery, this Hillbilly's set is something that deserves recognition.

by The EUtiful Game April 12, 2007
Top Definition
Olde English 800 brand malt liquor.
Pass the Old Gold, trash the ale,
cash your food stamps, get the WIC out the mail.

-Big Daddy Kane, 'On The Bugged Tip'
by James Rodesiler March 11, 2006
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