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1. Obama supporting, Hillary/McCain bashing, talking head on MSNBC. Also spends time bashing Bill O'reilly. He frequently makes fun of O'reilly's fat head. It's incredibly funny that Keith now has a head of equal proportion.

2. To bash Hillary Clinton for 20 minutes, bash John McCain as old and stupid for 15, tell 1 minute goofy stories that were once the a corner stone of Countdown, 5 minutes railing on random Republicans and Foxnews. About ten minutes is taken from the Hillary or McCain bashing three times a week to either praise his Jesus Barack Obama or talk about American Idol which he claims to hate but loves to talk about.
Olbermann is said to be the new Edward R. Murrow. I had no idea Murrow was a douche bag.

Olbermann is talking down to his viewers. He speaks like they are mindless idiots. The way he over explains in condescending tones you'd think no one ever heard of his current subject matter that has been on every TV and the front of every Newspaper in the country.

Did Olbermann say this is story 5 or 3? He's been on story number 5 for 25 minutes. This Hillary/McCain bashing Obama Praising heap of shit just flows together.
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To rail on someone or something in a relentless, manic and furious manner. You are going to "go Olbermann" on a given topic of your ire as though you are Keith Olbermann and your topic is some failure of the Bush Administration. Origin: Keith Olbermann's daily countdown of the number of days the US is in Iraq following the declaration of "Mission Accomplished" and Olbermann's rise to fame via the continuous bashing Fox News'Bill O'Reilley.
1. My boss got all "Olbermann" on me about being late to work.
2. The ACLU is "Olbermanning" the Ten Commandments in the courthouse.
by Robin B October 15, 2006
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