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A really small-ish school with the usual mix of goths and preps and normal people. The teachers are eccentric and the lockers are tiny. The vice principle scares everyone, that's a fact. Girls have a wrestling unit that initiates the usual backstabbing of "oh my god, so and so got me out i'm going to kill her!"

ORMS is in eldersberg, possibly the most pointless town in the whole nation. We're not even sure if we are our own town. Are we part of Sykesville? We have 50 nail places but no movie theater. The most popular teenage pas stime is cow tipping.
He he, lets go to Farmer Joe's and tip his cows!

Yea, then lets get our nails done!

Dude, guys don't do that?

Then what are we supposed to do afterwards?

Good point. Lets go grafitti Oklahoma Road Middle School!
by lynxsong February 17, 2010
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