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In basketball, an okie-dokie is when the player (typically a point guard) swings the ball behind his back like he's going to do a no-look behind-the-back pass. Instead, he swings it back around to where he started from and, usually juking the defender, he is able to either make a break towards the basket or make a better pass.
guy 1: wow fisher didn't even fall for rondo's okie dokie
guy 2: yeah, the celtics are bitches
by mguy55 June 03, 2010
The gay way of saying ok. and/or the young ladies way of saying ok.
okiedokie smokey
by Tweak October 18, 2003
a word i like to use, referrs to okay
"im gay"
"okie dokie"
by HyperLoserLTJ182 June 01, 2003
A phrase that is used to express one does not care.
Girl 1: I'm going to start a rumor about you for stealing my boyfriend!!

Girl 2: Okie dokie.
by YouLuvMe July 16, 2008