The rubber skin on chocolate pudding when it comes out of the frig.
Look, mom the top of my pudding is like rubber!
by Joel Muken October 28, 2003
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An exclamation of surprise, frustration, or awe.
"Oit, I haven't had anything to do today!"
"Oit... That's the coolest!"
by Joy Gerhardt April 16, 2003
The rubbery skin that forms on the top of a cup of hot cocoa after adding a dollop of cold milk.
Oh my God, mom, the oit stuck to my spoon.
by Richard Kirshen October 27, 2003
Used to get attention. A longer version of the word 'oi' but the 't' gives an added effect.
'Oit, Lucy! Come here a second!'
by Amy Buckland June 18, 2005

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