Used to get attention. A longer version of the word 'oi' but the 't' gives an added effect.
'Oit, Lucy! Come here a second!'
by Amy Buckland June 18, 2005
Top Definition
An exclamation of surprise, frustration, or awe.
"Oit, I haven't had anything to do today!"
"Oit... That's the coolest!"
by Joy Gerhardt April 16, 2003
The rubbery skin that forms on the top of a cup of hot cocoa after adding a dollop of cold milk.
Oh my God, mom, the oit stuck to my spoon.
by Richard Kirshen October 27, 2003
The rubber skin on chocolate pudding when it comes out of the frig.
Look, mom the top of my pudding is like rubber!
by Joel Muken October 28, 2003
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