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Excellent, quite original band with unique style, often compared to Devo. Fronted by Danny Elfman, who wrote the theme song for The Simpsons, has scored several movies (incredibly well) including nearly every Tim Burton film ever made. Acts as the singing voice for Jack Skellington in the classic Disney film "Nightmare Before Christmas." The other members of the band, while brilliant, are often ignored because of Elfman's overwhelming stage presence. Oingo Boingo's best songs can be found on "The Oingo Boingo Anthology," which features "Little Girls," "Only a Lad," "On the Outside," "Wild Sex in the Working Class," "Not My Slave," and several other interesting tunes. Oingo Boingo was formed in California and originally went by the name "Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo," which was later shortened.
Elfman's vocal range is otherworldly, so Boingo's songs never get boring. Check this band out.
I was listening to Oingo Boingo all for several hours last night and had a seizure from their awesomeness.
by Dr. Terwilliker November 11, 2005
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The best band in the universe, fronted by Danny Elfman. Danny Elfman is basically the mortal equivalent of Jesus Christ, only with more chops.
I must repent for my sins and be saved, let me play some Oingo Boingo records.
by Mel May 15, 2006
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An eccentric little rock band known for some of their bizarre, macabre music. And for their leader singer-the amazing Danny Elfman. Before he wrote half the soundtracks in the world (Pee Wee's Big Adventure, Batman, The Nightmare Before Christmas) Danny Elfman led himself this little rock band called Oingo Boingo. Actually they weren't so little; in fact, the eight-man band boasted one of rock's finest horn sections in addition to Elfman's devilishly good, often humorous songs. Elfman is in perfect vocal form, leading the combo through their biggest hits, including 'Wierd Science' (which put Elfman on the soundtrack path) as well as Boingo chestnuts "Fool's Paradise" and the infectious, macabre title track to Dead Man's Party!
Dead Man's Party is one of Boingo's finest hours, melding their whacked-out mix of XTC, Frank Zappa, and Tower of Power with a genuine pop sensibility.
by Baker December 22, 2003
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Great ska-electrofunk-disco band fronted by Danny Elfman. Appeared in the worst movie ever, "The Forbidden Zone". Best album was *NOT* "Dead Man's Party" (like everybody says), but "Nothing to Fear" (1982). Got a little bland after 1985 when Danny started scoring movies and this became his part-time job. Would eventually influence bands like Fishbone and Mr. Bungle.
Have you ever heard (insert 1979 - 1983 era Oingo Boingo album song title)??? It's kickin' rad!
by NPDeany January 08, 2004
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(1) (n.) the art of sex coinciding with a pole and macaroni.
(2) (n.) a sex position that requires at least ten hours of moonlight.
(3) (v.) to hump so rapidly as to create fire.
(4) (adj.) humpable in the moonlight.
(1) "Damn Megan. You and Evan went home for some oingo-boingo Saturday night?"
(2) "Megan's plans for oingo-boingo with Evan were foiled by the absence of moonlight."
(3) "I oingo-boingo all night long with Evan Ponic."
(4) "Wow that foreign exchange student named Evan is so oingo-boingo."
by Marvin Lingweeny October 08, 2007
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a man with a large penis. People usually use this as a compliment.
girl: how big is he?

girl: oh man, hes an oingoboingo.
by xoannieee July 21, 2009
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