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An oily Middle eastern man. Usually an Persian maybe even a bit of italian in there. That likes to bend down over tables in media arts, and flash his "pecks" to the girls he is creating a conversation with. But really they look like upside down mountains with hairs growing out of the top.

And has a very oily face to touch, with large pours. (blackheads) With a huge nose. Last name is usually Omar.
Girl: Awweh Akhmad! Come here, your skin looks kissed by the mammies of the sun!

Oily Arab: Okaaaay habibi *Trots over*

Girl: *feels face*

Oily Arab: *walks away*

Girl: *says to other friend* DAAAYMN... O_O That boys got some oily ass skin!!!

Friend: Must be an oily Arab!
by Stinky Swede. March 08, 2011
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