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Somthing you shout at Pakis
"oi Paki! take that fuckin tea towel off ya head son!"
by Mo Money March 04, 2005
Oi Paki, if you shout this at someone in india you will probarbly get sturred into a curry of some kind. If not then your head is likely to get chopped off
Oi paki...*paki chopps person shouting 'oi paki' up and stirrs them into a curry*

Oi paki..*paki chops persons head off using a large machetti and a harclip*
by Airs April 24, 2005
Something often yelled by ignorant white boys at bruvas of asianic origin which results in an ass whooping.
"oi Paki!?....Oh shit man i didn't mean it...please man...don't kill...i'm just a sad little white boy...i don't mean no harm...please make me a slave.
by Thug Paki March 28, 2005
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