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A wandering Ohio native in the land of the Steelers.
Hey yinz guys! Look over here, an Ohisian. Hey Ohisian, the browns suck!
by drewl2004 January 23, 2008
Someone with Ohio plates who drives in the left lane for miles with no regard for the traffic who wishes to pass. Usually Ohisians drive a mini van but sometimes they can be spotted in a 70's Japanese compact that should have been scrapped in the early 80's.
I would have been home much earlier but this damn Ohisian was in the passing lane for ten miles.
by Mkdaddy October 21, 2013
A term used to describe anyone who has originated from Ohio. Main characteristics of an Ohisian are dim-wittedness, telling irrelevant and not funny jokes/stories, mumbling speech, excessive use of the phrase "I seen" + a noun, occasional snorting which usually accompanies a Goofy-esque laugh when something is deeming funny or unusual, and a horrific sense of style.
When Roger told us that ridiculously boring story the other night, I thought, "That guy is SO Ohisian".

The Ohisian woman was consistently made fun of due to her Aqua-Net infused hairstyle, horrifically moo-moo-esque teal cotton dress, and the one can of Budweiser that seemed as if it were glued to her hand all night.
by Ohisian319 May 05, 2008

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