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What the order taker at Asian Chef in Brookfield, WI says to respond to Everything. EVERY-THING.
::Telephone Ring::
Asian Chef Order Taker: Herrow, Asia'Che~
Me: Hi, I'd like to place an order for pickup.
ACOT: Oh, okay.
Me: I'd like 1 sesame chicken
ACOT: 1 sesame chicken? Oh, okay.

Me: 2 eggrolls
ACOT: 2 egg'arolls? Oh, okay.
Me: 1 crab rangoon
ACOT: Oh, okay.
Me: And 2 beef on a stick.
ACOT: Ohh, okay.

Me: And that'll do it.
ACOT: Oh, okay. Bought 15 min?
Me: Sounds good.
by Spam Sandwich May 24, 2011