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Phrase used by an EKG monitor technician, to initiate conversation with a registered cardiac nurse, to inform them of a fatal cardiac dysrhythmia. Usually used for ventricular fibrillation or asystole. Phrase may also be used in reply by the RN to the technician.
Tech: "Oh, Shit!" RN: "What's the matter?" Tech: "The patient in room 3014 is showing asystole on the monitor." RN: "Oh, Shit! That's my second flatline this week!"
by Xanfan October 12, 2009

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A game played on road trips. The passengers in the back seat attempt to squish each other by pretending to react to g-forces when the car travels around a curve. For example, when the car turns right, the players lean left, squishing the passenger on the driver's side.
On our drive to Reno, we played Oh, Shit! so much that CB bruised a rib and lost his hat.
by L January 16, 2005