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A phrase used by many people on online forums used to tell the other person (usually a little kid) that nobody really gives a shit about using or not swear words. The number 1 and lack of grammar are often added as a way of sarcasm towards them and their n00bness.
Kiddie 1: "d@mn i h8 dis gaem!1!11!1 is really crud!!1!1!!1111!
Person 2: "DAMN, SHIT, Oh noes i sworez on teh interwebz!1!"

Kiddie 2: "forking life no one luvs dis piz of doodo :("
Person 4: "FUCKING, SHITLESS MORON!!! Oh noes I sworez on teh interwebz!1!"
by jrriojase48 February 20, 2010

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