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Sxc slang for the classic panto; 'Oh no you didnt' 'Oh yes I did'

Used by Skanky Hoes, Cheap Slags and Sluts

Usually followed by a 'mm-mmm' or a slight variation to this.

Also accompanied by a shaking of a finger and side-sliding the head left and right from 3-15 times in unison.

Not to be misused.
Shandice) 'Mhmm suga I just got mama some bangin new
lipgloss yall know what im say-en?'

Honey) 'Mhmm honey that gloss aint poppin m-mm no
way no how yall know what i mean girl'

Shandice)'Oh no you di'ent!'

Honey) 'M-mm thats righht suga-pie yall wouldnt know style
if it slapped yall in that cheap orange pineapple yall call a face n yall know what im talkin bout mmHMmmmm'

by PussyPoon January 10, 2008
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