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usually said in a low saddened tone, when a female friend decides to engage estrogen overdrive and commence to getting physical roughly (i.e. she starts hitting the crap out of you for a stupid mistake on your part)
Mr. A (in kitchen) hey honey nice ass! (followed by a loud slap to the highly sensitive ass)

Mrs. L (enraged and estrogen flowing like Niagra Falls)

Mr. J (friend quietly witnessing the slaughter) Oh Dear shes on a rampage

Quietly watching the horrid events unfold, I could only mutter the humble words "Oh dear shes on a rampage".

Oh Dear shes on a rampage!

(Taken from the geico commerical with the talking syrup bottle saying "Oh dear someone has put a logo over my face")
by John Travis McLendon April 02, 2008
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