Top Definition
1. To treat something as if you were an ogre.
2. To smash or destroy with brute force.
You totally ogred that little kid! We better run.
by David Q Chen January 31, 2007
To be Ogre'd is when someone posts a seemingly innocent comment or status in social media and two or more people seize the comments section with a pointless and hilarious debate.
Status: I love mars bars!

Dbag1: Do you know how bad mars bars are for your health? They are full of additives, calories and other crap!

Dbag2: Mars bars are fine in moderation and where's the scientific proof it's bad for me in moderation?

Dbag1: are you insane? Mars bars are full of sugar and other unnatural chemicals they're terrible for you!


This is to what being Ogre'd is.
by Goosetaf October 02, 2013
To act Ogre Like
Kevin Ogred around the house all day.
by Devinasaurous April 21, 2009
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