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that something is cool, neat, interesting.
yo guy that sports game was oggy!
by C and G October 12, 2006
The Cornish term for a pasty. Also, an oft-used chant at Cornish rugby games (and football games, when crowds turn up for them).
"Got oggies fer tea, ivus?"
"Oggy! Oggy! Oggy!" "Oi! Oi! Oi!"
by Dragys02 June 01, 2007
When your butt-cheeks clap together emitting a fowl and repulse eggy smell.
Margory's butt-cheeks clapped together so hard she emitted an oggy smell.
by EatCake July 20, 2006
pornography (as referred to in the city of Dunton, Beds., England.)
"I found some hardcore oggy in a ditch"
by Ronny St Papps December 20, 2004
road kill
bunny oggy: very messy flat rabbit that has become slightly rancid in the midday sun.
by angharad May 29, 2004
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