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A free open audioformat (.ogg) developed by Foundation. Uses various technologies to create audioquality comparable with mp3PRO at low bitrates and MP3 at high bitrates. Encodes and decodes fast. Available on many platforms. Opensource. Beats MP3 and WMA fair and square in terms of sound quality.
Streamable. Plays in e.x. Winamp.
Demon: Use the best audioformat in the world.
Us: And we used the first thing that came to our mind (Ogg Vorbis), which just happens to be the best audio format in the world.
Demon: You be angels?
Us: Ne, we are but penguins.

I just got some oggs from kazaa - they're ace.
by MadiZone May 22, 2003
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Total title for the OGG-audio code.
License free.
Supports multiple channels up to 256.
Far more superior to elder technologies as the German MP3-code.
Will not be used in the industry that quickly.
I just uploaded ogg-encoded files to Kazaa.
by John Smith November 02, 2003

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