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Noun: A person who holds a job for no apparent reason. Generally lacking qualifications, the individual adds no value, performs no real work, displays no motivation and seems to have only one real skill - persistently occupying office space, an official entry in Human Resource's employee database, removing oxygen from the air and producing carbon dioxide.

Verb: Office Squat, Office Squatting- to occupy office space without performing a designated job or adding value.

Adj: A term describing an individual putting forth no effort and adding no value in the work place.

See Politician; see also; state, local or federal government employee. See also; tenured teacher; tenured professor; public school administrator, any relative of the boss working for a company.
"I've worked here for 6 months and I haven't see John do anything." Yea, he's the boss' son, a real Office Squatter.

Since Jane got 5 tenure 3 years ago she hasn't changed her lecture, mid-term or final exam. Yea, tenure is a virtual guarantee to make a motivated professional into an office squatter.
by Deconblu August 22, 2010
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