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This person is usually a female that is extremely over weight and ugly. She has large breasts is definately not attractive,has at least one noticable mole on their body that wants to make you throw up and there is not enought money in the world to fuck this girl. They are typically WOW (World Of Warcraft) players. They meet guys online that have similar intrests. They are usually white and are very sensitive. They tease and make fun of other people not realizing they are fugly. They tend to eat chili or things of the sort. Ex: Fritos,pasta,mixed with chili beans and cheese. They tend to make a big deal about anything. Office Ogre usally get made fun of. Other office people are glad that they dont know someone like that outside off work. Office Ogres tend to eat junk food . When the Office Oger takes a shit everyone knows that she is in the restroom.Office Ogres takes their job very seriously so they are always on time and always make a big deal of being back to work on time.If you work with an Office Ogre I am trully sorry.
Damn dude I cant believe that Office Ogre still works here. I would have fired that nasty bitch the first day. I bet she eats Rice Krispy treasts all the time.
by Edgar Vences June 18, 2007
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