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Office Grizzly N. (ô f s gr z l )
Self important bozo, that resembles the mighty omnivorous mammal. Like the Grizzly the O.G. has a keen sense of smell. They can easily smell the good deeds of others and steal them as easily as an unattended picnic basket. A feeling of being mauled is often felt by co-workers when the O.G is talking about themselves or their accomplishments. During self-promotion they are known to make wide span arm gestures and make loud noise with their oversized head. The OG’s battle strategy is to draw useless diagrams until the point of co-workers boredom this distraction technique is also used outside of the office to de-emphasis the OG’s small genitalia.
Nothing was accomplished due to the Office Grizzly’s attacks.
by Imajica21 May 10, 2005
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