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Having to do with, or being associated with, or influencing others to be part of NAMBLA ( North American Man-Boy Love association). Not to be confused with the North American Marlon Brando Look A likes

A small furry mammal indigenous to central North America. Oelbergs usually dress in teal or pink garb. Recently Oelbergs have been put on the endangered species list. Their mating habits are have attributed to this. Very common the alpha male will show no interest in female Oelbergs but often in the younger males. Because of this, NAMBLA has addopted the Oelberg as their official mascot and can be seen on their flag with flies proud at every gay parade.

Synonym to ass clown

Wearing teal or pink would be considered Oelberg.

Playing phone games are Oelberg

by scott bayo September 20, 2007
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