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noun - An exclamation of astoundment or revolting consternation at something deemed ghastly or disgustingly shocking or very undesired.
may pertain to the likeliness to, or appearance of particular crotch hair from a Norse god (Odin).
"Odin's Pubes! That whore had a massive boner!"

Bro 1 - "Dude... I just saw Two Girls One Cup playing on my dad's laptop..."
Bro 2 - "That's more gnarly than Oden's Pubes, bro."

"Oden's Pubes! I have to give a presentation about gonorrhea in the workplace to my boss by Wednesday."

"Oden's Pubes! This soup taste's like watered-down skeet."
by Noob Philosopher February 24, 2013

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