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1) the well known Garfield friend!
2) Someone that likes Lazio and Roma FC team
3) a real Manchester UTD hooligan!
4) Typical name for a Pc Engine user
by AlbX October 23, 2003
The most amazing, sweetest, loving, loyal, protective, cutest, friendly, most hyper, BEST FRIEND and dog in the whoooole world
Look that dog looks like an Odie!
by DA MASTTTTER November 14, 2010
An immensly slow minded person who never does anything right. They are usually very lazy as well as very hideous. The gruesome facial features are usually a result of the generations of imbreeding. A jutting forehead mostly covering the eyes is always a predominant feature as well as morbid obesity and a slight gimp. Although no one has discovered the reason behind it, the birth name of all currently known Odies are Brandon.
Joe: I gave Odie this job to do 14 hours ago and he hasn't even started it yet, where the fuck is he?
Ben: He has been on the shitter for about 14 hours I believe, you should go check there.
by Xolker May 06, 2010
An extremely 1337 human being whose that is impossible to destroy, and will most likely own you in the near future.
"WTF Odie!!! I mean wtf that naded landed you must be fucking hacking you asshat!!!"
by odie5533 July 30, 2004
to be completely janky at everything you do.
when an object is janky and/or a piece of shit.
damn dog, your old cell phone was odie as fuck.
by frank April 11, 2005
The God Of All Things Scarred is Odie!
by HaVoC July 31, 2004
busted, cunty, ugly female.
"yo yvonne is lookin' odie 'n' shit tonight"
by richard sager January 30, 2004
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