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A small town (less than 5,000 people) located about 30-40 miles east of Kansas City Missouri. It is in Lafayette County and on I-70. It is the stupidest place in the world. Everyone here is always bored because there isn't a thing to do. Nothing at all. The politics are corrupt. In school you never learn anything and the school politics are corrupt even more so. There are no forms of entertainment besides going to the one grocery store. The only fast food places are McDonald's, Taco Johns, Subway and Sonic. There is a mexican restaurant, Chinese restaurant and about 4 cafes.
There are plenty of bars and tattoo parlors. It is almost more boring than driving across Kansas. Avoid going to Odessa, Mo at all costs.
Everyone here likes to believe they are very cool and know everything, but really the town is for the most part full of a bunch of stupid idiots
Durring the fall all anyone in the town ever does or cares about is Friday Night Football. Football is the most important thing to this town.
Over half the people in the town are kids.
Any small podunk town you can think of, any small stupid town with nothing to do, out in the sticks.

Hey Man where are you going today, can I come?

Odessa Missouri, sure.

Nevermind I ain't going to that stupid town.

Odessa Missouri: The town everybody wants to leave, but nobody ever gets out of.

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