Opposite of pedo. (Spelling is just backwards.)
So instead of old liking young, it's young liking old.
So you mean an odep?
by jellypoopies April 25, 2011
Top Definition
An underage girl who's attracted older men. A reverse pedo.
'Did you hear Sparky likes that old guy? She's such an odep'
by Randle_Yarnballs August 12, 2008
Children who use their charming faux-innocence to prey on the middle-aged. Reverse pedophilia.
little timmy: hello sir, woulja like ta buy some lemonade?
middle-aged man: oh, no thank you, i've got to be on my way.
little timmy: no sir, i insist! drink my lemonade..
middle-aged man: uh..no, really..thank you..
little timmy: you know you want to. drink my lemonade. i'd drink your lemonade. i so would.
middle-aged man:uh...
little timmy: why don't you come over here behind the booth with me? i'll show you my lemonade if you show me yours.

old couple walking by oh my, let's go somewhere else. i think that boy is an odep.
by nickMAN February 01, 2009
A person who pedo an older person. Also known as Reverse Pedophile
Person 1: OMG Look at that guy! He totally want to screw dat teacher
Person 2: IKR He's totally an odep
by IVTimVI May 21, 2013
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