Pretty much a pedophile.
Kurt fucked a 13 year old, wat an oddies.
by Jera-Ziah January 18, 2010
Top Definition
a really cool person who's also secretly or openly weird.
"dude, she is sooo hot!"
"eh, she's an oddy"
by that one kid with the face May 08, 2010
TWO of the coolest, funniest, most normal people EVER!
Becky try to get involed, but she never could be as cool as we are (H)
Hi Oddy Odd Oddball.
Hey Bad Boy Oddy wearing a Cardi ;D
by Bad Boy Oddy July 10, 2008
Half creepy and half disgusting
Yo new car is pretty oddy, Martin.
You got to have it pimp'd, brand new!
by M. Moore June 03, 2005
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