A boy who is slightly less than an Ameer
A Jordanian Boy that goes to ACA
by blah January 29, 2004
Top Definition
The guy who goes through so much shit for girls, that no matter what he tries to make them smile even if he ends up brokenhearted

He cares too much for the people that would never care for him and makes his faith stronger every time he is put down. He would never hold a grudge or try to intentionally hurt you.

Literally the guy whose always there for you
Oday is great guy

Oday cares too much about me
by Knowning One October 26, 2011
1.An irish kid who likes to jump out windows and a proud bearer of an irish name.

2.someone gifted in a hobby such as guitar,and video games.

3.someone who could beat the fuck out of his own kind such as a mckinney or a finney.though a cunningham could kick his ass.
1."did you see that o'day jump out that window?holy shit i did!!"

2."that o'day kicked my ass in halo while playing an awesome solo."

3."mckinney and finney tried acting all tough but o'day kicked there asses and then cunningham came out of nowhere and kicked o'day's ass over a pawffle."
by Crimson Kaos June 30, 2009
To mix so much alcohol with a drink, that you can barely taste the drink you are mixing it with.
mmmmmm 151 with a hint of gatorade.... yep I totally o'dayed that shit
by sam der November 07, 2010
1.) To fuck something up, or likewise fail miserably though laziness
2.) To be a slapnut and/or asshat
"Don't pull an O'day and drop out of college"
by JFAPPM April 06, 2006
It is when you over do something to the next level. Often used when something is beyond the word OD.
An example would be if I were to hit you with a chair on "Smackdown!:Here comes the pain" Two hundred times,that would be Oday,because it is so much,that not even the word OD can describe it.
by Stalka December 27, 2003
Oday doesn't know how to make a trailer for a movie...
"Oday, that trailer sucked!!"
by slug January 30, 2004
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