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Americans of mixed ancestry. Mixed European/African Americans who appear European. Many are considered Caucasian of European background, who are in fact of mixed European and African ancestry (albeit 2-3 generations past).
Rarely mistaken for "Spanish". Whom are clearly mixed with Spanish/African/Indian
"No one knew she was an Octoroon, Her Grandfather was half African".
Joan Bennett, Constance Bennett, Fredi Washington.
by P.Vought October 05, 2007
Human being of 1/8 african-american origin.
Damn yo skin be mad light? How you blaque?

I'm an octoroon.
by Bobby Gibson November 06, 2003
a person having one-eighth black ancestry; the offspring of a quadroon and a white
"All the way up until 1986, my barracoon played home to a coffle of twelve: 3 quadroons, 3 octoroons, 2 pickanninies, 2 Mexicans, a mulatto, a chink, and a roan-colored Albanian hobo named Noodles. And I'll be goddammned if those weren't the best days of my life."
by Ronald T. McMurtry October 11, 2006