An unassuming professional businessman, usually straight and married, that sneaks away from the office during the typical 8 to 5 work day for anonymous gay sex. After meeting men for sex during the day in restrooms, parks, or rest areas, they return to their normal life and family in the evening.
Sen. Larry Craig


Person A: "Last week while on vacation, we stopped at a rest area and I got a foot tap from this Ocho Cinco while I taking a dump."

Person B: "Was it Larry Craig?"

Person A: "Could have been...but this guy had nicer shoes.


Person 1: "Dude...did I tell you about last week when I was walking my dog?"

Person 2: "No! What happened?"

Person 1: "There was this dude out at the park who was walking through the woods in his suit. Why would a guy in a suit be trolling through the woods?"

Person 2: "Trolling is the right word for it...he's a total Ocho Cinco."

Person 1: "Ocho Cinco?"

Person 2: "Yeah...a dude that should be at work---8 to 5 (Ocho to Cinco), instead he's out in the woods getting a blow job from some random dude."

by Blade57 September 02, 2008
Chad Johnson's fake name. The apex of faggotry. Ultimate gayness. .::Check Bengals website for the jerseys where throwing away on his salary::. Help pay our debt.

Ocho cinco his ass!
by g8tr January 11, 2009
An older, creepy, unattractive man, usually overweight with a lot of body hair that cruises rest areas or truck stops looking for anal/bottom sex instead of being at work between the typcial hours of 8AM and 5 PM.
Truck Driver 1: "Hey Red-Rider, what's your 10-20?"

Truck Driver 2: "I'm 'bout 3 miles from the rest area off of I-95 just south of Springfield"

Truck Driver 1: "Ya'all should pull in there and take a break there's an Ocho Cinco hanging out there right now that made it worth the stop."

Truck Driver 2: "10-4 on that...I think I'll be dropping off my load before I get to my final destination."
by Thatguy22 August 30, 2008
Stupid nickname that prima donna Bengals wr, Chad Johnson gave himself in yet another desperate "T.O. like" maneuver to call attention to himself. It's really pathetic and sad that he is too stupid to figure out that the proper Spanish for eighty-five is ochenta y cinco. Perhaps he speaks Spanish-Ebonics.
NFL Fan #1: Did you hear that idiot, Chad Johnson, is at it again? He gave himself the nickname Ocho Cinco since his number is 85.

NFL Fan #2: Yeah, the antics of he and Terrell Owens have grown really tiresome.

NFL Fan #1: Isn't it refreshing to watch a REAL all-pro receiver like Marvin Harrison who lets his stats do the talking?

NFL Fan #2: Yeah, or Reggie Wayne. Those two guys are a couple of class acts who really know how a professional athlete should carry themselves.

NFL Fan #1: C'mon, let's go to the game and watch the Colts kick the Bengals ass!
by Real Editor December 12, 2006

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