Stupid nickname that prima donna Bengals wr, Chad Johnson gave himself in yet another desperate "T.O. like" maneuver to call attention to himself. It's really pathetic and sad that he is too stupid to figure out that the proper Spanish for eighty-five is ochenta y cinco. Perhaps he speaks Spanish-Ebonics.
NFL Fan #1: Did you hear that idiot, Chad Johnson, is at it again? He gave himself the nickname Ocho Cinco since his number is 85.

NFL Fan #2: Yeah, the antics of he and Terrell Owens have grown really tiresome.

NFL Fan #1: Isn't it refreshing to watch a REAL all-pro receiver like Marvin Harrison who lets his stats do the talking?

NFL Fan #2: Yeah, or Reggie Wayne. Those two guys are a couple of class acts who really know how a professional athlete should carry themselves.

NFL Fan #1: C'mon, let's go to the game and watch the Colts kick the Bengals ass!
by Real Editor December 12, 2006
Top Definition
The act of a hoe giving head to any guy while with a man.
Head Receiver: "I told that nigga's ratchet hoe to give me head, and she did" Damn, that bitch gave me crown....

Guy and Friend: (yelling) Ocho Cinco!

refer to Ocho Cinco by: French Montana and MGK
by LacedUpforLife_ESTFAM January 16, 2013
The name the Cinncinati Bengals reciever Chad Johnson calls himself. The name means eight being ocho and five being cinco in spanish. The name first appeared on the NFL network in a commercial where a device is looking for Chad Johnson and there's a dude in the backround saying "Where you at 85?" and in the end u hear Ocho Cinco. His jersey number is 85 leading him to tag himself the nickname.
Chad Johnson to reporters: Don't be calling me Chad Johnson. Cause my new name is Ocho Cinco, and if u do call me Chad Johnson your gonna get fined by your stations.
by Trevis Smith November 03, 2006
Legal last name of the Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver formerly known as Chad Johnson.
Reporter: Don't you have better shit to do than change your last name to Ocho Cinco?

Ocho Cinco: Hell no, I live in Cincinnati.
by jimmy9234 August 29, 2008
Last name of Cincinnati Bengals Wide Receiver Chad Ocho Cinco. His previous name was Chad Johnson, but legally had his last name changed to "Ocho Cinco" in the state of Florida (his home state). Chad Ocho Cinco also played at Oregon State University.
Chad Ocho Cinco with the 35 yard Touch Down reception to make the score 14-3, Bengals over the Miam Dolphins.

Guy 1: Did you hear Chad Johnson changed his name?
Guy 2: Oh no, what did he do now?
Guy 1: lolz, he changed his last name to "Ocho Cinco".
Guy 2: Chad is the man, crazy, but the man.
by PdX August 31, 2008
The legal surname of the NFL wide receiver formerly known as Chad Johnson.
Look at Ocho Cinco go! The thirty, the twenty...
by DVDGuy September 06, 2008
Headbutting your wife when she accuses you of cheating after finding condoms you don't use with her inside your vehicle.
Mr. "Eight Five" Ocho Cinco'd his wife when she found a package of Trojans in his Smart car.
by gamecocks2012 August 14, 2012
Name of a fictional Mexican Wrestler used in sketches on the TV show Somethin' Suave' Theater.
The villiage is safe thanks to Ocho Cinco.
by Somethin' Suave' Theater October 24, 2010
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